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  • Lacey got her start making zines while living in Boston, pursuing an MFA in photography. As a side project, she had been developing questionnaires for potential boyfriends. Out of this came the zine “Likes & Dislikes”.
  • After moving to Minneapolis, she began the Zine Apothecary collection in the basement of the Belfry Center, a radical space for artists and activists. While working her way through library school, she moved ZA to her garage and started the Zine Mobile, a transient zine collection.

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  • Some of the changes in zine culture that Lacey has observed include a decrease in political zines and zines that are more similar to artist books. Librarians value zine preservation now than ever before and the spirit of zine making remains strong. Because zines are fragile and often very rare, she believes that digital platforms will allow more people access to zine culture.
  • Lacey’s current project, The Future, is a multi-disciplinary art space and store with a non-circulating collection of books, zines, artists’ books, and historical texts on topics including: Spiritualism, witchcraft, healing, herbalism, mediumship, art and the occult, crystals, divination, tarot, astrology, manifestation and ghost stories.

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